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The city hotel we used with its closeness to shopping but very bad facilities

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Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth Cana with wedding vows

        Bet She'arim catacombs Zippori    Migrating Birds

        Tel Dan Caesarea Philippi Boat Ride on Lake Galilee

Mt of Beatitudes Mt Carmel & priests of Baal - Elijah Capernaum

Caesarea Maritime Ayalon Institute Train to Jerusalem

Ein Karem (John the Baptist) Church of the annunciation (Steep Hill)

Burnt House film Herodian Mansions Yad Vashem Hollocaust Museum

Dolorosa Stations of the cross walk. Bethany and tomb of Lazarus

Qumran Renewal of baptism by the Jordan River. Jericho

Cable car at Jericho to the monastery Beersheva Petra

Dead Sea Timna and Tabernacle Mt Nebo Masada

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