Monday 25th February 2019

Up Up and away arriving in Dubai and then on to Jordan, arriving Tuesday 26th February.




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28th February

Jordan to Tiberias

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1st March


Caesarea Philippi

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2nd March

Magdola Centre, C hurches around the lake, Capernaum, Casearea Maritime

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4th March

Ayal Institute, Jaffa, Mt of Olives, Dolorosa, Sue's birthday

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Sue's Birthday Movie

Thanks to Mostyn for his video footage

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7th March

Ein Karem, Emmaus, Temple Mount, Western Wall, Hezekiah's Tunnel, Pool of Siloam, Upper Room, St Peter of Gallicuntu - Prison of Christ.

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10th March

Holocaust Memorial, Bethlehem, Bethany, Qumran, Qaser el-Tahud Baptismal site, Jericho.

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12th March

Beersheva - WW1 diggers, Massada, En Gedi

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13th March

Petra and the Tabernacle in Timna

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No further photos owing to bad and wild weather on the last day.