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Our first pictorial for photos of the tour - Wednesday 28th October 2015 (Turkey time)



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NB: (28th) After the 6th slide which says "The contrast in standards of buildings is amazing" there is a glitch in the presentation I have failed to correct after hours of adjusting. It will say "NOT FOUND". Just click on the next slide and continue using top arrows...


Istanbul to Bursa via Nicea
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Canakale to Ismir
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Ephesus, House of Mary, Patmos
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Weaving carpets and mountain village
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Aphrodisias, Pamukkale, Loadicea, Konya
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Whirling Dervishes museum to Cappadocia
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10th November 2015

Cappadocia and the final photos

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Video of the flight (One minute mpeg4)
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