Tuesday & Wednesday

3rd/4th October 2017

Up Up and away arriving in Hanoi for a well deserved rest. (Yeh! Right!)


Well at least today we have the afternoon off to recover.

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  5th Oct - Series 1


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  8th Oct - Series 2

Halong Bay

Train to Hue

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10th Oct - Series 3

Hoi An Area

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15th Oct - Series 4

Quy Nhon to Dalat

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18th October - Series 5

Arrive in Saigon and then 2 days in the Mekong.

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19th October - Series 6

Saigon and the Cu Chi Tunnels

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20th October - Series 7

Arrive in Cambodia and visit the Angkor Temples.

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21st October - Series 8

Main Angkor Temple. Great Lake and Floating Village.

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24th October - Final Series

Finals few days completing ou=r tour in Phnom Penn.

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