Muslims believe it is essential to visit Mecca once in their life time. Surely as a Christian, a visit to the Holy Land (Israel), or to follow in the footsteps of Saint Paul (Turkey), is a must in one’s lifetime to see the bible truly come to life before your very eyes.

A pilgrimage awards the rare opportunity to walk in the shadows of greatness and follow in the footsteps of Jesus or his Disciples, using the Bible as your Guidebook.

A Pilgrimage will bring the Bible to life and allow your Parishioners to become fully alive in their spiritual journey. No amount of biblical research, reading and scholarship can give as true a feeling, as a first hand visit.

A visit to Israel or Turkey will take your faith experience to a new level – One you will never forget in your lifetime.

A Pilgrimage is a rewarding experience, allowing you to lead (or we can lead) your very own tailor-made and uniquely designed Pilgrimage alongside some of the best tour guides for these tours.

A Pilgrimage offers the unique opportunity to enjoy fellowship, strengthen relations and form friendships between clergy and parishioners when traveling together in a group. It is a rich experience that will be treasured and revered in the memories of all those involved.

Additionally you may consider parts of Africa. You could visit some of the Mission stations there, show support to Australian staff by your visit, and see first hand what the church is doing to help local people spread the gospel to their own people. While you are there, you can also spend time enjoying the country and various game parks. Seeing these animals in their natural setting is an amazing experience. We organise these tours using specially built 4WD vehicles for comfort and accessability to the animals in the game parks.

We at Anglican Tours Australia would be very happy to talk with you further about how to arrange and promote such a tour for your parishioners, combined parishes, your deanery or Diocese. Maybe you have a few who would be interested in joining us on our next tour to Israel or Turkey?

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PS: These tours create a great awareness for any Christian wanting to re-charge their faith. We can assure you, anyone from your parish that decides to join us will come back spiritually charged with a fresh and enthusiastic new look at their faith. There will be no holding them back.

Oh! to have a parish filled with Christians oozing joy and enthusiasm in their faith.