Previous Tours led by our staff

We have been organising tours for over 35 years to:
• Most parts of Australia,
• New Zealand,
• Canada
• Alaska,
• Vietnam & Cambodia
• Israel, Jordan, Petra
• Turkey, Gallipoli, Greece
• Egypt
• Tanzania
• China.

•  India
• Oberammergau
• South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana

In our tour arrangements we include:
• Promotional materials - Posters,   handouts, promotional leaflets,   newsletter inserts etc
• Full colour tour itinerary for participants
• Tours costs normally include all meals,    sightseeing, airfares, Tipping
• 4+ star accommodation  
• Local guide,
• Air conditioned coaches,
• Tour leader to keep things on track
   (if required)
• Web site during the tour for those at    home to follow your progress with    reports and photos
• Production of a 'Coffee Table Standard'    book for members if requested.


Let us organise your next tour

We encourage every Christian Church to challenge their members to make a Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Holy Land or Turkey at least once in their life time.

Maybe you could arrange with other local churches to make up numbers.

Anglican Tours Australia

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Photos of the Vietnam/Cambodia Tour
October 3 - 25, 2017



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ISRAEL 2019- 19 Days

If interested in the ISRAEL tour in Feb 25th/Mar 15th, 2019
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* Israel Itinerary (Not final one as this is still being drafted)
This is to give you some idea of what will be covered

Tour off INDIA November 2018 * * * *

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Israel 2019

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Turkey - 2015

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Vietnam 2017

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India -2018
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