ISRAEL - The HOLY LAND Pilgrimage inc Petra and Jordan -
March 7 - 26 (2022)

from $6,995 approx.
(We are still awaiting for the airlines to finalise airfares for 2022)

As this will be the last Pilgrimage to Israel organised by Anglican Tours, the 2022 itinerary is a combination of the best pilgrimage and premium Israel locations from the past 13+ trips. Costs in Israel have ballooned out by some 25+% and makes it too expensive for us to deliver a pilgrimage at a reasonable cost and in excellent 4 star accommodation. Tourism in Israel is booming, but hotel rooms are not sufficient for the new trade and there appears no longer to be an off season to obtain cheaper rates. Our belief from the past shows good quality accommodation creates happy pilgrims.

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NOTE: The 2022 actual Itinerary includes the "Pilgrimage" sites, but also looks at Israel the country and some of its interesting history.

The 2022 itinerary will visit the "Pilgrimage" sites, but also experience Israel as a country, meeting up close with it's people. Among the various locations under consideration include the possibility of hearing first hand from the Palestine people what it is like living under Israel rule. Other areas include Beersheeba Time with Bedouin people Meal at original Kibbutz Catacombs Train from Jerusalem to Bet Shemesh Baptism site of Jesus Mt Nebo (Memorial church of Moses at Mt Nebo where he viewed the promised land from) Petra Visit factory of wood carvers in Bethlehem, and other new additions not previously visited.

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